How did we get the name Gorilla Girl?

It all started a few years back when my sister chose to have surgery in San Diego. The procedure included doctor’s orders to get up and walk all day the following day. So, we spent hours in the San Diego Zoo, and my sister noticed how long I stood gazing at the solemn-faced gorillas, wondering what they might be thinking. As we neared the end of our tour and came to the gift shop, my sister bought me a gorilla-face hat and started calling me Gorilla Girl.

When it was time to name my small press, Gorilla Girl stood next to my desk for an interview. I had just read a line about black and white coming together like the letters in a word–but sad to say, I didn’t save the source nor the author’s name. My little granddaughter had just been drawing animals in school and she showed me her sketches of gorillas. They all looked like male gorillas, and when I asked her to draw me a girl gorilla, she drew the eyelashed being who became our company icon. Thank you, Emily!